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People who helped shape history

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 Saar, Betye
 Sam and Dave
 Sanchez, Sonia
 Sanders, Barry
 Satcher, David
 Savage, Augusta
 Sayers, Gale
 Seacole, Mary
 Seale, Bobby
 Sembène, Ousmane
Senghor, Léopold
 Shabazz, Betty
 Shange, Ntozake
 Sharpton, Al
 Shaw, Bernard
 Shepp, Archie
 Shirelles, the
 Shorter, Wayne
 Silver, Horace
 Simms, Willie
 Simpson, O.J.
 Sly and the Family Stone
Smalls, Robert
 Smith, Amanda
 Smith, Bessie
 Smith, Emmitt
 Smith, Huey "Piano"
 Smith, Tommie
Sobers, Sir Garfield
 Sonni 'Ali
 Sosa, Sammy
 Soul Stirrers
Soyinka, Wole
 Spaulding, Charles Clinton
 Spinks, Leon; and Spinks, Michael
Staple Singers, the
 Staupers, Mabel Keaton
 Stevenson, Teófilo
 Stewart, Rex
 Still, William Grant
 Stitt, Sonny
Stokes, Carl
 Stone, Toni
 Stowe, Harriet Beecher
 Strayhorn, Billy
 Strode, Woody
 Summer, Donna
 Sun Ra